F.A.Q. (or, all you need to know about Hälsobar!)

How is Hälsobar different from other keto bars?

For one, it's not like a candy bar. (Not that we have anything against candy bars!) It's more of a whole food bar, with nuts, seeds, cacao nibs, and other good stuff, finished with a salty, spicy kick. (Habanero!) Our bars contain no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols, so they don't have the aftertaste you find with some ketogenic bars. Not chalky, either!

Your name is Swedish. Is the keto diet big in Sweden?

Low-carb, high-fat diets have been popular in Sweden for some time. (In fact, one of our favorite keto websites, Diet Doctor, is Swedish.) In 2013, Swedish health authorities endorsed a low-carb diet for obesity treatment, debunking years of "low-fat" dogma. Low-carb aside, Hälsobar's all-natural ingredients pay homage to a traditional Swedish way of eating.

They are pricier than some other keto bars. Are they worth it?

Yep! We use premium, all natural ingredients — and lots of them. We've chosen our ingredients carefully to provide just the right balance and a robust, complex flavor. All while sticking to keto macros!

Your home page mentions good gut health. What is that about?

One problem many people experience on the keto diet -- especially in the beginning -- is not getting enough fiber. Hälsobar contains prebiotic fiber, which feeds healthy gut bacteria and is thought to prevent inflammation.

Do you have other flavors?

Not now... but stay tuned! We've got a couple in the works.