Our Story

The Hälsobar story is a love story, more or less. It all started with a husband's quest to help alleviate his wife's frequent, debilitating migraines. In the course of his research, Niklas (the husband) stumbled upon the keto diet. Despite some skepticism, Ami (the wife) and Niklas gave it a go — turns out, it changed both of their lives. (And, yes, the migraines are gone.)

Like many who have gone keto before them, Niklas and Ami discovered it wasn't always easy to stick to when they were on the go or on work trips. (Bacon and eggs don't travel very well, after all.) So, Niklas began tinkering to create a keto food bar free of gluten, dairy, and sugar alcohols with a strange aftertaste. He sought out healthy, high-quality ingredients like nuts, chia seeds, and cacao. Some figs and pure vanilla to add to its complex flavor, and a little habanero to give it a spicy kick. After countless hours of tweaking to get the taste, texture, and macros just right, Hälsobar was born.

What is “Hälsobar,” anyway? It means "healthy bar" in Swedish, Niklas’s native language. Hälsobar pays homage to Scandinavian food values: natural, wholesome, real. Niklas and Ami hope you enjoy it as much as they do.