Halsobar, a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic energy bar

Introducing Hälsobar.

What’s [in] a Hälsobar?

Halsobar ingredients -- nuts, cacao, figs, habanero, coconut

Wholesome, high-quality ingredients

Nuts, cacao, chia seeds, pure vanilla extract. A dash of habanero pepper for a spicy kick. Figs and coconut for a touch of sweetness. Think of it as a food bar for grownups.

Nutrition facts

Less than 1.5 net carbs per 100 calories

3 net carbs in 220 calories, to be exact. No weird-tasting sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners (e.g., erythritol, maltitol, sucralose). Rich in fiber to support good gut health.

Halsobar small-batch production

Commitment to every detail

Hälsobar is hand-produced in our kitchen in Dorchester, Massachusetts. We make them in small batches to get every little thing just right.

Get in touch at hello@halsobar.com